Monday, June 22, 2009

Call Eric right now

To my absolute astonishment, Eric has decided to dig in. You must call him tomorrow at 291.7811 x221 (and I hope to re-post his cell phone here, if I can find it...anyone have it?) and demand either his resignation or his so called "talking points" (a document he is handing out to the staff, letting them know what to say to the public), i.e., the answers.

(this is a copy of my facebook status. eric has forced me back into all out warfare approach again. The community has spoken overwhelmingly against him. And still he, his wife, and Suzanne Hefty believe they can pull this off. Unbelievable hubris, but moreover, idiocy. Please forward this content to everyone you know. Have them call me if they have questions. (414.573.4666) Tomorrow, I go TOTALLY viral on his ass. He will not know what hit him.

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