Sunday, June 21, 2009


So, DD says I should reveal the facts behind the name of my blog. While the events of the last week have definitely amazed, they have not delighted. So what gives? I asked Sage if my blog name should be something specific, like PLEASE RESIGN ERIC DILLNER, and he, in his infinite wisdom, said, "No, you may want to blog about other things when this is over." I never question Sage's advice, especially in the world of computers and the internet, and so without even thinking, my blog name just popped into my head. It's something Bill says at least once during the rehearsal process, sometimes more than once, while blocking. Sorry, Bill, it's probably a paraphrase. I do that all the time. Even though I've heard Bill say it easily no less than 50 times, it always makes me laugh and a bit giddy.

And that's why you never name your blog after a specific crisis you are in.


  1. Don't tell Jamie, but I'm amazed at how often I feel I'm wrong about these kinds of things... after the fact.

    But this is a great title. So, it makes my recommendation look good :)

  2. Sage Lewis is never wrong. He is a veritable guru of all subjects. Though I have many a mentor and guru, his life and insight are the core of my humanity. Serendipitous name, eh? Makes you wanna name your kid Compassion or Love.