Saturday, June 20, 2009

The end is near

The tide, if it ever was going out, is now heading back in. This was a campaign about faith. Faith that our persistence could cause people that don't speak our language to listen and react. Every actor knows that good acting is reacting. And the board doesn't even know how to act like it cares.

I know a couple 100 people and a few $100,000. doesn't mean much to these people, which is what it appears they have lost in this PR debacle so far, but the cause of this debacle was based on only one person, Eric, and his huge ego, and $200,000. So WTF.

I think I learned today that it's rare to beat city hall.

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  1. Way to blog, Jamie. Post your videos, videotape testimonials, tweet and re-tweet. Focus on what you are FOR, rather than what you are AGAINST. You have a powerful message. Blog on!