Monday, June 22, 2009


Here's the beautiful Michaela Ristaino's letter to the Board. Love the last line. This is an opportunity for everyone in the community to be a hero in some fashion or another. Thanks Bo! I hope the rest of the Skylight Board decides to be heroic by ousting Suzanne and Eric, and getting Bill back in the door. That'll be the first step. A big hug to Michaela, and here's that letter!

Skylight Board ~

Your Milwaukee Theatre community implores you to, at the very least, offer some sort of explanation for the events of the past week. As more and more information is uncovered surrounding the Skylight axing (and yes, by now it is quite viewed as a witch hunt) the silence of the board is deafening. With the unfounded firing of Jamie Johns and the resignation of one of your own board members, the waters just get murkier and murkier. I can only hope that many of you are as shocked by these events as we all are (including Bo Beal) and that you are just trying to figure out how to best clean up this awful mess.

Clearly, by now you must be aware that this is not just a bunch of kids who are mouthing off because their friend(s) got fired. I must assume you are aware of the national press this debacle is garnering. Including (but not limited to): Playbill, The Arts Journal, Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, The Clyde Fitch Report, among others.

You are also, by now, well aware that this outpouring *protest* from the community is not born from maliciousness, but rather born of passion for a Skylight that we all desperately love.

I have faith that you all, as members of the Skylight Board, also have great love for the Skylight...which is why we implore you to not sit idly by while our beloved Skylight is destroyed. There are other options here. Options that simply MUST be explored and acted upon. You all have the opportunity to be the heroes here. Please, please embrace that opportunity.

Michaela Ristaino
- Skylight Patron & Artist

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  1. Thanks Jamie... You are a hero to many, my friend. Here's to keeping up the good fight.