Monday, June 22, 2009

Hypnotherapy is very cool

It's not what you think. More like deep relaxation with guided meditation. Originally, I thought I'd try it to quit smoking. I also enlisted the aid of (the best site for this, in my opinion). I'm five full days quit already!

But I find that hypnotherapy, and particularly my lovely hypnotherapist, Denise Keenan, to be so much more useful than just quitting smoking. I feel more connected to joy, awareness, strength, and tranquility than I ever have.

She offers a five session package that she says will guide you through any obstructions that are keeping you from reaching your full potential. I feel like she touched on a lot of that today. It was amazing. I found answers to some questions that I had, and they came from me, not her. And I'm pretty sure they are the right answers.

I'm sold. It's really more of a de-hypnotizing of false beliefs and thoughts that you might have that you don't even know you have. Starts with, why do I__________? (i.e., smoke). If you live in Milkwaukee and are looking for help with a problem, try Denise!

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