Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Quit smoking

I'm on day 14 with no tobacco. I recommend that anyone who has even a passing desire to quit smoking cigarettes, check out quitsmokingonline.com. Worked for me. That and hypnotherapy.

If someone had told me 3 months ago that quitting smoking was easy and enjoyable, I would have laughed in their face. But it really can be. As I type this, I still wouldn't mind stepping out for a cigarette, but I don't think it's who I am anymore. The subconscious is a powerful thing. If you are a smoker, right now it is confirming your smoker status. It is telling you that you are a smoker and you cannot quit. It's just who you are.

And that's 100% true. But that script is as changeable as your underwear. Well, it requires a little more effort than changing your underwear, but not much. So, teach your subconscious a new lesson, and it will wake up with you in the morning and tell you that you are 100% a non-smoker. It really will. All you have to do is change the script.

Life is a play. A comedy or a drama, or a drama giocoso. And you get to "right" the script. Entirely. That's the lesson to be learned from quitting smoking. Almost makes you wish you had started smoking so you could quit, eh?

Off to "write my play"! Hope you all have a lovely day!


  1. Congrats Jamie. You are awesome. Keep it up. We are very proud of you.

  2. Thanks Chase! Lovin' you and Molly! Today was day 15! Crazy, eh?

  3. You ROCK! I love the idea of our mental scripts being as changeable as our underwear. It's a funny analogy, but really powerful at the same time. It's so true, though. If only we realized breaking our most gripping vices was just a matter of tweaking the script. I've had that experience of waking up one day and just not being that old person anymore. It's truly amazing.