Saturday, June 20, 2009

What should I do next?

People keep saying that I have no proposal for what happens when Eric leaves.

There's a lot of opportunity there, and it takes very little imagination to figure it out.

Even if Bill won't come back, we find an interim managing director (Christine would be perfect), beg Bill to direct the entire season, including Paula's show and An Evening with Gilbert and Sullivan (both of which I assume are being chopped from next season's 50th anniversary), and we hold a summit with the board. Truth and reconciliation. No one who is working at Skylight now would lose their job, and all cuts would be reinstated. If we truly need to find $200,000, I'm quite convinced that the community is ready to put that (and so much more) up. Instead the Skylight continues to bleed money as donors pull out and outrage sponsors and patrons cut off their support.

Please remember, many important people have already pledged to pull their support from the Skylight. And they have lost Bill. The place is going to totally suck when Eric is out front shaking hands, every third show or so. Hello? The rest of you honestly believe Skylight is going to be worth supporting after this. HA!

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