Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Bill is back!

First, the good news...Bill has agreed to do four shows for Skylight next year, with the stipulation that absolutely no press comes out of the Skylight that suggests Bill endorses this restructuring. That is totally cool.

Now, the really good news. This gives us and the community at large an opportunity to really shift the conversation from bringing back Bill to the Skylight at large. Let's face it. This has always been about the Skylight. We all want to make sure the institution is around as long as possible, because it has brought so much to the community.

So, now is the time to turn up the heat. Look up Suzanne Hefty's home number. I know Becky Spice has it. Call Suzanne and tell her this is far from over. We will not shut-up until Eric is out. Call Eric and beg him to resign. He has to resign now, so that we can begin to salvage that which we love, the Skylight.

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