Saturday, July 18, 2009

Can this be real?!?

If this is truly the letter that Eric sent out on Friday, I am sickened beyond belief. So much accomplished?!? That really suggests there is a master plan. Why can no one in the community know of this master plan? Here's the letter that Eric sent the board while Suzanne was sending out dismissal letters:

Dear Skylight Board of Directors and Board of Advocates,

Looking back at the week, so much has been accomplished. Still much to do!

A few things of note:
• I have had the pleasure of meeting or talking on the phone with many of our artists for Barber, Plaid, Figaro and Rent. Having the artists’ energy exploding through the building was a great boost for us all! I look forward to chatting with the rest of the artists next week.

• Suzanne, Christine and I visited with The Bradley Foundation folks and have other wonderful supporters of the Skylight lined up to see soon.

• An ad hoc committee of the Board of Directors has begun meeting to manage the timeline and communication with the press.

• We are also working with some community partners to enrich our social media and online presence.

• Our audience development team will finalize decisions with our staff on our Open House to launch the season.
I thank you all for your continued leadership and support.

Have a wonderful weekend.


CHATTING with the rest of the artists? He's chatting while Rome is burning? How can he be so cavalier, so self-assured? Blocking out dissent and a sense of infallibility is a really scary combo. That's Eric in a nut shell. Perhaps he should be in a nut house.

Please comment and send this letter around.


  1. Bradley Foundation - well, that's appropriate:

    One of the country's largest and most influential right-wing foundations, the Bradley Foundation is known for its clearly articulated political and ideological vision. In addition to providing funding for a host of right-wing organizations, Bradley contributes to conservative and often highly controversial scholarship, publications and "academic" research aimed at legitimizing far-right policy positions.

  2. I have been waiting for a post/comment that would get me riled up enough to spend the time to respond, and I just found one!

    In 2008 the Bradley Foundation grants went to:

    Bel Canto Chorus of Milwaukee
    Concord Chamber Orchestra
    First State Children's Theater
    Florentine Opera Company
    Milwaukee Ballet Company
    Milwaukee Chamber Theatre
    Milwaukee Repertory Theater
    Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra
    Milwaukee Youth Symphony Orchestra
    Next Act Theatre
    Skylight Opera Theatre

    I am in complete shock that the previous poster only went to to look up information on the Bradley Foundation. The Bradley Foundation is vital to Milwaukee and believes that the arts are important and supports them. Lets attack our supporters now!

    As noted by the Board at the skylight, they did not do everything right in the past month and are working to fix it. The Board consists of people who have their own business and full time jobs and love the arts community enough to donate their time and money to help in every way they can. This includes making difficult decisions for the LONG TERM health of a theater. I capitalized long term as you have a previous post about a credit line, thinking that the Skylight is actually able to spend all 600,000 on a 600,000 credit line. That is almost laughable, but understandable because you focus on the arts part of a theater, and the board focuses on making sure that theater is around in years to come for the artists and the community. The firings back in June were for the long term growth and none of this would have happened if Skylight had enough money.

    Learn how to work with a board instead of attack members of it.

    This is the last time I am looking at any blogs about the events at the skylight. The last month I have been engrossed in looking at blogs daily to see what is going on, and the constant attacks bother me.

    Best of Luck in the Future, you are so very talented and I enjoyed the time you worked at the skylight.

  3. Dear Susan,

    I guess you won't see this, since you have stopped reading blogs. Can't say I blame you. This whole thing has been exhausting!