Saturday, July 18, 2009

Donia's idea

To anyone who has a contract with the Skylight:

Is it time to pull out of said contract? Have the board and Eric finally gone too far? Is it really still Skylight over there? You have to decide individually, but the decision carries more weight with each and every passing day. Working for Skylight is, sadly, a tacit endorsement of what is going on there. Now more than ever. I'm sorry to say that. I know there are plenty of people who still NEED to keep their employment there, and I respect that. I'm not addressing this to you. I'm addressing it to those of us who can make do without the Skylight for a season or two. How else can we proceed now? If you have a better idea, please let me know!

Donia's (our former events manager/bar keep) recent note is quite eloquent:

"In all of the time I've known Richard Carsey, I have never, ever heard him utter a negative comment about anyone, period. For recent events to push him to the point of the things he's said is something I thought would never happen. Very unfortunate.

The Skylight that was is dead, and this is in no way a 'cave-in' or lack of support. It is me being realistic. The true spirit in which Skylight began is still alive; in the very words spoken by the 'dissidents', and in the passion we feel. We need to take a step back because the building that houses the Skylight will soon implode, and we must take care not to become victims. Let them see how far they get without locally known and loved actors, directors, musicians, stage crews, and others. We hold the most power when we say "no, we will not allow you to use us against ourselves". We must not let Skylight think they are the only game in town. Because they aren't. They, too, are 'dispensable'."

Now, I've been known to hear Richard utter a disparaging word here and there, but never in public. Richard, we need your voice, louder and clearer than before. Colin, we need your voice, more than ever. Bill, we need your voice. Norman, we need your dissent. Ray, we need you to pull out of Day/Night. Let's not play politics anymore. Let's call a spade a spade, and end the fear of "hurting the Skylight". I believe the damage is done.

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  1. Jamie - I'm pretty insignificant in Skylight's world, having only played one show there in the pit. But I've attended many performances there.
    As of now, I'm out of there. I will not be a pit musician or an audience member until the Skylight turns their attitude around and new management is in place.
    In addition, I will do all I can to make sure nobody I know sees any of their shows.
    As I said, I'm pretty insignificant to the Skylight. But if enough people take this stand - musicians and artists walking out and audiences staying away - the effect will be significant.