Monday, July 13, 2009

Skylight Artists Resign?!?

A call from Tony Clements' anonymous commentator to join Becky Spice in the rank of performers who will not work at Skylight under the current regime. Spread the word. It is a risky move. You might lose a job, or you might help us get a theater company back.

Mnemosyne said...

Becky Spice has announced her 'resignation' from SOT. Others might consider similar action.

Unless and until the cost of these recent decisions are greater than the cost of "staying the course", the Board will not change its mind.

One could suggest that artistic talent should not be made available to an administration that treats its artists with the disregard and disdain that has been shown recently by SOT.

It could be suggested that such a move might clarify the choices available to the Board.

Start with shows NOT being directed by Bill Theisen, just to further strengthen your point.

And make sure everybody knows. I'm sure Becky would like the company, and would welcome everyone from chorus to leads who will join her in "taking a bow" out of the 50th Anniv season.

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