Friday, July 17, 2009

The Skylight Saga Continues

My unemployment rep called me to inform me that Skylight was trying to deny me unemployment benefits, based on my public attacks of the company. They even sent my rep copies of emails I sent the board as well as facebook postings that I had made prior to my firing. They (Suzanne? Eric? Someone) are actually taking time to try to vengefully deny me a couple hundred bucks a week while I search for new employment, while their house burns down. I cannot believe it. In addition, the new Artistic Director apparent, Suzanne Hefty, is now firing chorus members for insubordination. Maybe that's why Eric is calling all the artists! Searching for insubordination so all dissent can be squelched. Strange, he hasn't been able to deal with Alicia's contract problems nor has he called my wife, who will be in Skylight's third show of the season. What is their method? What is actually being done to deal with Skylight's finances?

We continue further down the rabbit hole that is this absurdity. It's been just over a month. Amazing how much damage a few members of the board and Eric Dillner could do to a 50 year old company. I guess everything must have a beginning and an end.


  1. Hi Jamie! Well, it's true about the chorus "firings." Although I had already sent my notice of withdrawal (for Barber) to both Bill and Skylight (sent to Diana's address since who KNOWS who's handling stuff now), I received a letter today saying that my offer was being withdrawn by them.

    I'm not sure at this point if my notification to them came after they sent my letter or if they're just SO inept that they think they can "fire" me from something I already resigned from. I lean toward the latter, sadly...

    Maybe Hefty is taking over the artistic director role (she was the one who sent the letter, supposedly). I mean, she can decorate a sitting room, isn't that qualification enough?

  2. This really is the craziest thing I've ever seen happen in the "real world." I feel like I'm back at school whenever I read about this situation. It's really, really sad and pitiful. Hope you and Diane are doing well :o) XOXO

  3. I fired a fair number of people while at the Skylight, some brutally and/or unfairly, some absolutely with cause.

    I even fired this one kid from the scene shop after he told me to go f- myself.

    I don't remember EVER denying anyone benefits, not even Mr. F.U. If I'm wrong, I apologize and am ashamed for taking such an action. I hope I'm right.

    I am deeply saddened to learn of the position taken by the new administration. You have my sympathy.

    Please give my best to your lovely and equally talented wife.

  4. Jamie, I am so stunned I don't think I can talk. When we first heard of all this back in May, did you think it would escalate to this point? To this...clusterfuckedness? How many times have I wanted to cry over this? And yet, it keeps getting worse. J'ai peur que le Skylight est mort.