Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sunday July 26, 2009

A Meeting was called today, a forum if you will. Certain vocal artists in the community got a call from Tessa Bartels inviting them to join her and Eric Dillner to a question and answer session at the Skylight. Tess called me and apologized that she couldn't invite me to the meeting for legal reasons. I don't get that at all, but that's okay because I had other plans.

I know Jonathan West was there, and Becky Spice, Alissa Rhode, Norman Moses, Leslie Fitzwater, I think, and several others. I understand that Richard Carsey was reduced to yelling at some point, and that there was some sobbing from some of the other participants. I haven't gotten a full update on that, or on what has happened with the Board of Advocates. More and more, this has become less my battle to fight, as the greater arts community takes over the reigns.

I'm hoping that we will hear some news tomorrow about the shape of things after the weekend. My prognastication: Nothing will change now, and everything will. The season will be filled with artists that are loyal to Dillner and the board will love that they work for nothing. Perhaps they can even pay to do a role, so they can have it on their resume. Skylight has been known to do that with interns...

Anyway, keep looking at Tuesdays and Artsy Schmartsy. Let's hope for an update soon!


  1. Why weren't more of us invited? They obviously have us on I'm concerned tha they are only inviting a 'few' perhaps to make us appear apathetic? How do I get my info to Tess?

  2. Email me, Donia, and I'll give you Tess' phone number.

  3. Donia, Tess is great and very fair. She wanted to start with a small group so everyone had an opportunity to talk. Remember, she was only given this liason task Thursday night. And she managed to call a meeting only 3 days later. She's acted faster than any Skylight management. She's the first person to take the need for forums seriously. And there will be more. --Molly Rhode