Thursday, July 30, 2009


Ah to be unemployed in summer! I am finally starting to enjoy it. Maybe it's because I'm getting back to a more normal lifestyle. That is, normal for me, albeit working about 30-40% less than usual, and making enough money to get by. I love it! More time for bike rides and walks. More time to enjoy nature and read. More time to catch up with friends.

There are those who still think the Skylight thing may turn around. I would think it would have to be sooner than later, but what do I know? I know this: my life seems, initially at least, a lot more relaxed without working for Skylight. Although it was a joy, it was not without its headaches. Maybe that's just doing theater vs. playing for a lot of miscellaneous gigs. Less late nights, and more variety.

Now that the dust seems to be settling, I think I'm grateful for being fired. I think if our jobs weren't tied to our health insurance, there would be a lot more people who would feel this way. GO OBAMA!


  1. Be careful, Jamie! Eric may have some hidden clause about unemployment, saying that if you say you're grateful to be fired, you no longer qualify!! But, you are right. Although it had it's good times, stress levels plummet without the rollercoaster that is Skylight.