Tuesday, July 21, 2009

"We", the friends of Skylight...

Tommy Lueck just received a response to an email that caused me to write the following email. To "friendsofskylight". They claim to be unidentified board members as you will see. Here's the email I sent them:

To whom it may concern:

According to a letter sent to Tommy Lueck, this email address is the place from whence he received his response. To quote the email he was sent:

We are using our new friendsofskylight@skylightopera.com email to reply to you. A consistent theme in the messages sent to the Board of Directors after our recent restructuring was that people, like you, who took the time to write and express their thoughts wanted acknowledgment and response back from the Board itself. At the time there was no organized way to respond to individuals nor easily track the feedback received, so we created this new email box for that purpose. The box is monitored and responses sent by members of the Board, not by a paid staff member or administrator.

In the interest of transparency, I believe the specific board member(s) who returns the email ought to sign the email. Not simply "we". It sounds like Fascist Italy in there.

Please respond too this email, too. I will be posting it on my blog and waiting for a response.

SOO that's what I wrote to them. Now that they've made it so easy to communicate, I think we ought to more frequently!

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