Thursday, July 16, 2009

What happened?

We are waiting for an announcement of a public forum. Bill turned the board down on Sunday or Monday, and since then we have heard nothing. Boards really are an inept way to run a business. They can't proceed with any kind of expediency, and unfortunately their representative on the staff is too weak-kneed to make decisions himself. Eric may have to play the role of the villain in all this, but I believe it was probably more Suzanne Hefty's, or even more likely, Howard Miller's doing. This was somebody's big plan, I guarantee it, and that will be revealed some day. In the mean time, we have to watch as the Skylight self destructs, refusing to truly reach out to the community for help. What we get is a subscription email with grammatical errors that is trying too hard to blow it's own horn. And these are people taking credit for Skylight accomplishments that they largely had nothing to do with. Skylight didn't win an Eddy because of Herman the Horse, but because of Ray Jivoff and his programs.

So there's my Skylight rant/muse of the day. Consider the following paragraph that was in the aforementioned email, and then I'll call it a day:

The Skylight's mission is to deliver high-quality music theatre to a wide and diverse audience. Our audiences reaches beyond patrons who attend productions in the Cabot Theatre and Studio Theatre and includes students and children enriched by our arts education programs through Enlighten and community members and guests through a series of community outreach programs. Our efforts were recently recognized by:

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