Monday, July 27, 2009


Hello, new readers!

I understand I may have offended a few folks with my comment on a blog posting from Sunday night:

The season will be filled with artists that are loyal to Dillner and the board will love that they work for nothing. Perhaps they can even pay to do a role, so they can have it on their resume.

I am so sorry I wasn't more clear. Of course, there are still a lot of artists that Bill cast in the season next year. We wish them all the best. I will be there at some Barber performance to cheer my dear friends Katy and Jason on.

Then there's the artists on the staff who need their jobs and may or may not think Dillner is doing a good job. We wish them all the best. The Skylight has been getting quite a bit of negative press lately, and none of these people: Shima, Barry, Lisa, Ray deserve anything but kudos and praise. That applies to everyone on staff, save one. I'll only print his initials: E.D.

Finally there are the new artists. Some will have no idea what is going on, and may not even have heard of the Skylight before. To them I say, good luck! I wish we could offer you a home to display your talents that had not been diminished and was not hostile to local and loyal artists. I hope you are able to do your best work possible. There are so many wonderful people on the staff that will avail themselves to you. Enjoy your stay in Milwaukee.

Some of these new artists may be cronies of Eric, perhaps they are even as nefarious and arrogant as Eric, and are more than happy to be self-serving and trample on a 50 year history. Let's separate them into two groups: A) Friends of Eric who are wonderful people; and B) Friends of Eric who are like Eric.

To the A) group I say, watch your back, but enjoy your stay in Milwaukee.

To the B) group I say, call me! Email me! I'd love to hear what you have to say in Eric's defense.

There, does that clear that up for anyone who fears I may be bad-mouthing artists, or any of my fellow colleagues? Please try to take all comments in context, and I will try to be more careful with my wording.


  1. Man! You are so strong. Keep it up. You are truly winning this thing.

    You will save the day... I guarantee it. Just don't quit!

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