Sunday, August 9, 2009

My Skylight Involvement for 09-10

I've been getting a lot of questions about whether or not I'm going back to Skylight in the fall, etc.

Right now, I don't know much. I'm hoping the company moves to reinstate Diana before anyone else. With Colin holding down the artistic and managerial side of things until Joan gets in town, I think getting Diana back is most important.

As for me, I will be playing and conducting a few shows for Skylight next year: Barber, Marriage of Figaro, Rent, and potentially two cabarets. It does not appear that I will be going back on staff in the near future.

I plan to help out with as many benefits and events as I can through out the season.

I have high hopes for the Skylight, and I want to help every way I can, without getting in the way or costing the company undue expense. I hope others will be encouraged to do the same. Once Skylight is back on sound financial footing (and it will be, thanks to the entire community of arts' lovers in Milwaukee! and Colin, and Joan, and TONY, and so many people), perhaps there will be room for a larger staff that could include a full time music director. On the other hand, perhaps being fired for insubordination twice by one company is enough for anyone. I wouldn't want to risk a third time! And more importantly, perhaps Skylight does need to look at staff structure, in lieu of securing more donations, grants, and support. But they will have to do it intelligently, with the knowledge of the full staff, with the decision making of the entire BoD, and with the ok from the BoA.

Peace and love to all of my Skylight family, and the entire arts community in Milwaukee. Hope to see you at the BTC on Friday at 8:00am! Bring a bagel for Jonathan!

PS Just as a "heads-up" to anyone who signed the petition to help with benefits...3 things:

1) You don't have to be an artist to sign up! We will need help with marketing, tech, and other volunteering opportunities in addition to performing. You can even contribute more than one of your talents!

2) Save the date: Sept 1...rehearsal perhaps Aug 29th?...both events in the early evening.

3) If, as we contact folks, someone gets missed, don't hesitate to drop me an email ( Some of us involved in these "outside" efforts have never tried to organize something like this before, so there's bound to be some oversight. Thanks so much!

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